• Active since 2013 on the national scenario, the WN Divisão Borrachas is a reference for quality and commitment in the market. The company invests in innovative concepts in manufacturing and supplying of rubber rings for connections, flanged pipes, technical tailored parts, valves and rings fore cast iron; distributing their materials for the sectors of hydraulics, sanitation and irrigation.
  • With a strict control of its products, WN Borrachas ensures that parts meet the current technical standards and get fully certified against any manufacturing defects, meeting the market demands. The company, located in Porto Feliz - SP, provides its parts with excellence throughout Brazil.
  • To serve its customers with respect and with focus on post-sales, the division offers a special customer response service. This way, WN Borrachas looks forward to improving work and achieve, through its positive results, more satisfied customers. The company's goal is to become solid and competitive in the market to continue to offer the best in rubber elastomers.